Ambassador-Designate René Holenstein
Ambassador René Holenstein © FDFA

Ambassador René Holenstein

Dear Reader,

A warm welcome to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh.

Switzerland and Bangladesh enjoy good and close relations, the friendship between our two people is deepening continuously.

Soon after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, Switzerland established diplomatic relations with the country. Exchange and cooperation between the two countries exist in a variety of areas and include, in particular, development cooperation, as well as the fast growing economic relations. Overall good relations have developed and expanded substantially during the recent years.

In this website, you will find information and news about Bangladesh-Switzerland bilateral relations, trade and investment, visa procedures and forms and consular assistance. The website provides the link to the Swiss development programme in Bangladesh. You can also obtain general information about Switzerland from this site.

Furthermore, the website includes information on special events the Embassy of Switzerland organizes.

I hope you will find this website useful and wish you a pleasant reading. Your are welcome to submit to this Embassy any comments or suggestions for improvement of the site.

Yours Truly

René Holenstein

Ambassador of Switzerland to Bangladesh


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