Design Prize Switzerland - Media Cocktail

Friday, 25.11.2016 – Friday, 25.11.2016, Design Prize Switzerland

Exhibition ; Event accessible to journalists


The biennial design competition “Design Prize Switzerland” is aimed at enhancing the significance of Swiss design. It awards prizes for outstanding achievements in all design disciplines relevant to industry. The prize categories are divided in the following sectors: Communication, Furniture, Spatial, Product, Fashion, Textile, Research, Energy, Merit and Young Talents. The nominated and prizewinning projects are presented to professionals in the field of design, business and innovation as well as to the general public in three different locations (PMQ; InnoDesignTech Expo and Connecting Space) with the objective of anchoring the added value of design in industry and society. Economic and cultural relevance are the top priorities

Media release

Event is reserved for media representatives only

For more information and RSVP, please contact Winnie Kan at:

Location: 5 - 7.30 pm, PMQ, S207, 2/F (Staunton), Hong Kong