Federal Council takes note of 2018–20 Activity Report of IDWG on Combating Corruption

Press release, 17.09.2021

At its meeting on 17 September 2021, the Federal Council took note of the 2018–20 Activity Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group (IDWG) on Combating Corruption.

During the reporting period, the IDWG on Combating Corruption drafted the Federal Council's Anti-Corruption Strategy 2021–24, which was adopted by the Federal Council on 25 November 2020. The establishment of the federal-cantonal information network on corruption in November 2018 was another highly significant event for the IDWG on Combating Corruption. The network, which is also supported by the Conference of Cantonal Governments, offers a platform for the regular exchange of experience and best practice with cantonal administrations.

The report provides an overview of corruption in Switzerland, as well as information on the relevant legislative work and Switzerland's commitment at the international level. It also outlines the implementation of recommendations from country reviews.

The IDWG on Combating Corruption, whose mandate was renewed by the Federal Council in April 2018, is responsible for coordinating the Confederation's anti-corruption efforts and monitoring normative developments at the international level. Its members include the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland and the federal offices working to combat corruption.

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Federal Council's Anti-Corruption Strategy 2021–24
2018–2020 Activity Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group (IDWG) on Combating Corruption

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