Adinkra Symbol
Adinkra Symbol ©AfrykAnka

The popular Adinkra* symbol of the Siamese Crocodiles depicts two crocodiles that share one stomach. It is a reminder of the importance of peaceful coexistence and cooperation. Only if we are united, we can endure and prosper. The symbol has a natural appeal to me, not only because its shape resembles the cross on our Swiss flag, but also because its message of unity in diversity is a defining principle and value of Switzerland.

*Adinkra are visual symbols originally created by the Akan people of Ghana.

Ambassador Simone Giger
Ambassador Simone Giger ©FDFA

Akwaaba – a warm welcome to the Embassy of Switzerland to Ghana, Togo and Benin in Accra!

Switzerland established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Ghana soon after the country’s declaration of independence in 1957. Since then, the ties between Switzerland and Ghana have always remained warm and friendly, while growing stronger and more varied over time. Today relations between the two countries range from high-level political visits and consultations, economic exchanges, collaboration in the field of climate change to international development cooperation, and the promotion of peace and regional security.

Ghana is a key partner of Switzerland on the African continent, as stipulated in the Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy, and a priority country of Switzerland’s economic development cooperation. The current Swiss Cooperation Programme aims to promote attractive framework conditions for sustainable growth and to facilitate the creation of decent income opportunities for Ghana’s youthful population.

Long-standing and tight relations also unite Switzerland and Benin. Like Ghana, Benin is a priority country of Switzerland’s development cooperation, and Switzerland maintains a Swiss Cooperation Office and Consular Agency in Cotonou. The Cooperation Office is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Swiss Cooperation Programme, which is active in the fields of local and rural economic development, education, and governance.

In Togo, Switzerland is represented through a Honorary Consulate, responsible for protecting Swiss interests and providing assistance to Swiss nationals.

The consular team here in Accra, the Swiss Cooperation Office and Consular Agency in Cotonou and the Swiss Honorary Consulate in Lomé stand ready to support the Swiss community in different matters. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, should you need assistance. For all information regarding visa and entry requirements, please check out the services offered through the Online Desk for Swiss nationals residing abroad.

Hopefully our website proves helpful not only for Swiss citizens living in Ghana, Benin and Togo, but also for anyone interested in learning more about Switzerland – as a destination for travel, to study, for business and culture or as a leading global hub for innovation. If you want to get more updated information about our activities, you can follow us on our facebook page.

Your comments and suggestions on the information provided on this website are welcome and we are grateful for any feedback you may wish to provide (accra@eda.admin.ch).