Adaptation and Climate Resilient Development

The main objective of the climate change adaptation domain is to support and enhance the adaptive capacities of vulnerable communities. This is done through identification and implementation of package of adaptation measures, options and responses to address multi-dimensional aspects of vulnerability due to impact of climate change.

Key elements of the strategies and approaches towards climate change adaptation/climate resilient development are:

  • Facilitating policy dialogue to integrate climate risks into development plans and strategies at State, Regional and National levels;
  • Capacity building on climate science and adaptation planning and implementation;
  • Sensitization of communities and local institutions on the climate change impacts;
  • Promotion of vulnerability and capacity assessment for enhancing resilience at the local level;

Testing, piloting, action research, and thematic studies in climate adaptation addressing food, water and ecosystems security, disaster risk reduction, climate insurance and diversified livelihoods.

Ongoing Adaptation Projects

Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Glaciology and related areas through Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme in partnership with Department of Science and Technology, Government of India: The goal of the bi-lateral cooperation programme is that the resilience of the vulnerable communities in the Himalayas is strengthened and knowledge and capacities of national research institutions and adaptation planning and implementation at state level are connected and enhanced by facilitating policy dialogue between Himalayan States.

Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology in partnership with Department of Biotechnology, Government of India: The bi-lateral cooperation programme aims at contributing towards enhancing food security though adoption of innovative life sciences and biotechnology approaches which results in supporting sustainable and climate resilient agriculture.

Partnership for Climate Change Adaptation in Semi-Arid regions in partnership with Watershed Organisation Trust and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development: The project aims at enhancing the capacities of the rural communities in village clusters of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh to adapt to climate change impacts.

Enhancing Climate Resilience through Risk Transfer in partnership with Micro Insurance Academy and BASIX: The project goal is to enhance climate resilience and promote adaptive capacities of vulnerable communities (in Bihar and Maharashtra) through development, testing and promotion of risk transfer options and solutions (climate insurance).