Official holidays

Embassy of Switzerland will be closed on the following days in 2017:

Swiss holidays




02.01.2017 Mon Berchtold's Day 
14.04.2017 Fri  Good Friday 
17.04.2017 Mon  Easter Monday 
01.08.2017 Tue Swiss National Day
25.12.2017 Mon Christmas 
26.12.2017 Tue St. Stephen's Day

Kyrgyz holidays 







09.01.2017 Mon Orthodox Christmas
08.03.2017 Wed Women's Day
21.03.2017 Tue Nooruz 
01.05.2017 Mon Labour day
26.06.2017 Mon Orozo Ait*
31.08.2017 Thu   Independence Day
04.09.2017  Mon  Kurman Ait* 

*Date may shift depending on Islamic calendar