Depositing wills

If required Swiss citizens registered with the Regional consular center in Bangkok can deposit their wills with the Regional consular center for safekeeping.

When doing so the following should be noted:

  1. The original will should be personally handed over at the embassy counter by the person whose will it is. The Regional consular center merely checks that he or she has signed the will.
  2. Confirmation of receipt, signed by the person making the deposit and the Representation, will be provided to the person depositing the will.
  3. An annual fee corresponding to CHF 75.00 is charged in the local currency THB. If a new will is deposited, the full fee for the current year must be paid.

The Regional consular center assumes no responsibility for the contents, legal validity and/or execution of the will.

Other important details you should know:

  • The Regional consular center cannot provide you with any advice with regard to drawing up a will.
  • You are advised to consult a lawyer, amongst other things to ensure the legal validity of your will in your country of residence and Switzerland.
  • The Regional consular center cannot act as executor.
  • In the case of death, the Regional consular center will provide the surviving relatives and/or the executor with either the original or a copy of the will. To prevent impropriety those concerned will be invited to collect the document from the counter of the Representation. To ensure that the relatives or executor can be contacted when necessary, please provide the last names, first names, addresses (including telephone numbers, email, possibly ID numbers) of those concerned in writing. Don't forget to inform the Regional consular center of any changes to addresses.