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Mekong Region

SDC Mekong Region Cooperation Programme 2022-2025 (PDF, 40 Pages, 3.0 MB)

SDC Mekong Region Cooperation Programme 2022-2025 Summary English (PDF, 2 Pages, 3.3 MB)

SDC Mekong Region Cooperation Programme 2022-2025 Summary Lao (PDF, 2 Pages, 3.9 MB)


Mekong Region Program Factsheet

2023.11.Mekong Region Project Overview (PDF, 2 Pages, 1.2 MB)

2023.11.Mekong Region Project Map (PDF, 1 Page, 830.3 kB)

Mekong River Commission (Phase 2) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 723.6 kB)

Inclusive Water Governance Project in the Mekong Region (Phase 2) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 496.6 kB)

Mekong Region Land Governance (Phase 3) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 759.4 kB)


Lao PDR Country Program Factsheet

2023.11.Laos Project Overview (PDF, 2 Pages, 443.8 kB)

2023.11.Laos Project Map (PDF, 1 Page, 949.1 kB)


Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Portfolio Factsheets

Enhancing Nutrition of Upland Farming Families (Phase 2) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 279.3 kB)

Lao Upland Rural Advisory Service (Phase 3) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 1.2 MB)

Dam Safety Technical and Institutional Assistance in Lao PDR (Phase 1) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 1.3 MB)

Enhancing Systematic Land Registration (Phase 1) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 426.2 kB)

Public Information and Awareness Services for Vulnerable Communities (Phase 1) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 412.2 kB)


Inclusive Economic Development Portfolio Factsheets

Vocational Training and Employment Support Services in Laos (Phase 1) Factsheet (PDF, 2 Pages, 452.0 kB)


Governance and Citizen Participation Portfolio Factsheets