Application for Schengen visa and procedure

Entry visa for earthquake victims (valid only for Switzerland)

Information on the entry visa (valid for Switzerland only) for earthquake survivors who have lost their homes in the earthquake and wish to stay with family members in Switzerland for a limited period of time

Switzerland is temporarily prioritizing visa applications from earthquake victims whose houses or apartments have been destroyed by the earthquakes.

Important information and requirements to be met to qualify for such a visitor visa:

  • Applicants must be from the earthquake area and have lost their homes.
  • They must present a valid, recognised passport.
  • Only the following family members in the ascending or descending line or the spouse of a person with right of residence in Switzerland (i.e. Swiss citizen or person with a valid residence permit B or settlement permit C, not accepted are F, L or N permits) are eligible to apply:
    • grandparents
    • parents
    • minor and adult children
    • minor grandchildren
  • The family members living in Switzerland (Swiss citizen or person with a valid residence or settlement permit) must issue a letter of invitation, which requires them to accommodate the applicants for the entire duration of their stay.
  • Only persons who meet all the above requirements are eligible to apply for a visitor visa for earthquake survivors.

Applicants should contact VFS Global using the following link to make an appointment for submitting a visa application:

Attached you will find the leaflet with all the necessary documents that must be submitted with the visa application.

Information sheet on Schengen Visa C (valid for Switzerland only): Family visits for earthquake survivors (PDF, 2 Pages, 259.6 kB, English)