Congratulations on Elections

Position, 16.11.2015

The Swiss Embassy congratulates the people of Myanmar, and all parties and institutions involved, to generally very well organized and successful elections of 8 November. The sense of citizenship, responsibility and pride shown by the voters on Election Day and in the days after was both impressive and moving.

The people of Myanmar have made their choice and gave the National League for Democracy a strong political mandate to lead the next government. But even more importantly, these elections opened a new chapter of Myanmar's pathway towards democracy. Hopefully, the next ballot will be open for all people in Myanmar and within a legal framework entirely compliant with international standards. 

Switzerland was happy to support these elections through support to civil society, voter education, technical assistance and electoral observation. The Code of Conduct for Political Parties we have facilitated, contributed to an overall civilized and peaceful campaign.  The Swiss Embassy stands ready to continue assisting Myanmar during the transition period and beyond, and looks forward to cooperating with the new government.