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Welcome to Switzerland and its Embassy in Oslo!

With a simple click discover our geography, history, political systems, our population and languages, the different cultures, and everything else you always wanted to know about our country. Find out what has made Switzerland tick for over 700 years right in the centre of Europe.

Whether for travel, for work, for education or out of simple curiosity get acquainted with our society, our economy, and industry, our advanced technology and our research and development. Learn about our efforts to cope with an increasingly interdependent and complex world, inside as well as outside our borders. Find out about our universities, our specialised schools of higher learning in the fields of economy and business administration, engineering and biotechnology, tourism and hotel management. Learn about our political system, direct democracy, federalism and our foreign policy, which first and foremost aims to strengthen Switzerland's role as a dependable, compassionate and peaceful partner standing shoulder to shoulder with Europe and the world.

You will discover among other things that, though landlocked, we are not so far from the Mediterranean and the North Sea. Rhine and Rhone rivers are born in Switzerland and intimately link us to the oceans. Our people like sailing not only on its numerous lakes but on all the seas. This is how Switzerland won twice the America’s Cup in recent years. Furthermore, our links with the main harbours of Europe are strong for the future as they are deeply rooted in the past, especially with Rotterdam, Marseille, Barcelona, Valencia and Genova. A small but very modern Swiss merchant marine with 24 vessels of a combined 1 Million DWT flying the national flag are on the seven seas. In addition, our air and land transport services and our infrastructure in hotels, conference centres as well as all kinds of services make Switzerland one of the world’s densest economic and cultural complexes, a vital and most efficient crossroad in the heart of Europe. Our three main national languages (German, French and Italian) are spoken by more than 50% of the population of the 27 members of the European Union, whereas English is becoming more and more a normal fourth international language in the country.

Yearly, some 250 million people are penetrating our borders to experience the Swiss touch! You just can’t miss it! The Swiss Alps are only a two and a half hours flight away from Oslo: we are expecting you! Come and visit us in Summer or Winter, for breathtaking scenery, an incredible variety of sports in all seasons, thousand year-old towns and picturesque villages, museums, exhibitions and of course, the business and the shopping possibilities....not limited to Swiss knives, chocolates and watches! Take advantage of your stay to experience how the main cultures of Europe contribute to unity – all within a range of less than 300 km. And from here, why not, tour old continental Europe!

Thank you for your interest and for making the effort to get better acquainted with Switzerland. Let us hope that your first click will develop into a long-lasting and friendly relationship.

Alain-Denis Henchoz
Ambassador of Switzerland to the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Iceland