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COVID-19: Current situation in Slovenia

New measures for entering Switzerland

Since 8 February 2021 there are new special regulations for the entry into Switzerland: COVID-19 Ordinance Measures in the International Movement of Persons (as of 22.02.2021). The FOPH list of risk countries regulates who must be quarantined upon arrival in Switzerland.

The following regulations apply to entry by air:

For entry from a country that is on the FOPH list of risk countries, the following regulations apply:

*Negative Covid test before departure to Switzerland:

Either PCR test (molecular biological analysis for Sars-CoV-2, performed maximum 72 hours before departure) or Sars-CoV-2 rapid test (performed maximum 24 hours before departure).

  • The FDFA does not decide on exceptions to the requirement of a negative test result.
  • The FDFA has no authority to issue instructions to airlines.
  • Airlines themselves decide on the admission of passengers to the aircraft.

*Negative Covid test upon entry into Switzerland:

If the negative Covid test was carried out more than 72 hours prior to entry into Switzerland, entrants must be retested immediately upon arrival in Switzerland at their own expense.

Exceptions to the testing and quarantine requirement are listed in Article 8 of the Covid 19 Ordinance Measures in the International Movement of Persons. According to the FOPH's FAQs, the exceptions also include persons with Swiss citizenship or a residence permit issued by Switzerland with no possibility of being tested within a reasonable time or at reasonable expense. The self-declaration "Lack of possibility to be tested" can be found on the FOPH website under "Documents" in German and English.

  • The FDFA does not issue confirmations for medical certificates.
  • The FDFA does not translate Covid test results or medical certificates.

Additional information can be found on the FOPH website and in its FAQs.

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