Entry into Switzerland (and Schengen area) and residence for non-Swiss and non-EU/EFTA nationals

Territorial competence for visa applications

Visa applications should be addressed to the Swiss representation competent for your place of residence.

Schengen visa, type C (for a stay of 90 days or less)

The Schengen Visa, type C is for persons wishing to enter Switzerland for a short stay of up to 90 days within a period of 180 days, for example in the context of tourism, a visit, short-term language studies, etc.

State Secretariat for Migration – ”Short stay: entry requirements for Switzerland”

State Secretariat for Migration – “Information for Entry to Switzerland – Do I require a visa?” (with “Information sheet for entry to the Schengen Area/Visa Procedure” and “Declaration of Sponsorship”)

State Secretariat for Migration – Visa application forms

You can make use of the short-stay calculator to calculate the amount of time available for short stays in the Schengen Area for no more than 90 days in any 180-day period.

State Secretariat for Migration – Calculation of short-term stays/short-stay calculator