Domains of Intervention


Since 2003, the fighting in Darfur (Western Sudan) has left over 2.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 230,000 refugees in neighbouring Chad,. The armed hostilities, the systematic destruction of infrastructure and mass expulsions have greatly disrupted living conditions in Darfur.

At present, approximately 4.7 of the 8 million people in Darfur are dependent on international relief.

However, the world's largest humanitarian operation, is coming under massive pressure to reach the affected people. Widespread insecurity, including attacks against humanitarian workers and assets, and exponential increase in banditry is leading to serious constraints in humanitarian access.


Southern Kordofan

The State of South Kordofan continues to suffer from lack of development as peace dividends remain elusive for the State. The integration of the two administrative systems, as stipulated in the CPA, is facing ongoing delays. Political instability combined with intertribal conflicts cause a serious hindrance for development of the State.

In South Kordofan, access to improved sanitation facilities is 60.2%. However, access to both water supply and sanitation facilities is much lower in former SPLM areas and western parts of South Kordofan (14.2%). Conflicts over water points are frequent and cases of cholera are reported annually in the rainy season. Accessing vulnerable population is a major challenge and the need for WASH Services in South Kordofan is very high.