Recognition of foreign titles in Switzerland

The Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities, CRUS, aims to provide a platform for the common interests and matters of concern of the Swiss Universities, which include grants and exchange programmes (ERASMUS, SOKRATES) and academic recognition matters (SWISS ENIC). So far the CRUS has no specific international co-operation agreements and programmes except with the French Conference of University Presidents on the recognition of study periods and diplomas. However, the CRUS participates in expert groups for agreements on mutual recognition and maintains relations with several international organisations, such as the European University Association, AEU, ACA, Council of Europe (CC-HER), Commission of the EU (ERASMUS/SOKRATES), and UNESCO (ENIC).

The Swiss Information Centre for Academic Recognition Matters (SWISS ENIC) at the CRUS offers information on:

  • the recognition of Swiss and foreign titles
  • admission criteria of the Swiss universities
  • the Lisbon Convention
  • the implementation of the Diploma Supplement
  • the European Network of the National Recognition Information Centres

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Further information on the topic (only in German, French and Italian) is also available at

Recognition of foreign titles in Sweden

The Swedish Council for Higher Education is a central agency responsible for matters relating to institutions of higher education. It evaluates the higher education institutions and performs quality audits and supervises the institutions of higher education in Sweden.

The Swedish Council also evaluates qualifications awarded on completion of higher education programmes outside Sweden. This evaluation determines to which Swedish programme the foreign programme corresponds. The Swedish Council evaluates only qualifications awarded to individuals from complete programs with a duration of a minimum of two years. All other qualifications have to be evaluated by a Swedish university if they are to be included in a Swedish diploma.

Information in Swedish about studies in higher education in Sweden is provided by the Swedish Council. Information for foreign students about studies in Sweden is provided by the Swedish Institute.


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