2017 Swiss Hospitality Management and Boarding School Fair in Taipei

Saturday, 04.03.2017 – Saturday, 04.03.2017

School Fair 2017
2017 Swiss Hospitality Management & Boarding School Fair ©FDFA

Organized annually by the Trade Office of Swiss Industries, the Swiss School Fair aims at promoting the high quality of education which Switzerland is worldwide reputed for. The event also provides a platform and opportunity for parents and prospective students to talk to the school representatives and gain a better insight into the teaching programs and environment.

This year, 1 boarding school and 10 hospitality management schools will participate at the fair which will take place on the 4th March 2017 at W Hotel Taipei, Mega Room 2 & 3 on the 8th floor from 11.00 am to 16.30 pm (doors open event). We kindly invite you to visit our event page at facebook.com/SwissSchoolFair. Furthermore, there will be a lucky draw so don’t miss your chance to win a prize!