"Heidi" featured in the 2023 Taiwan Reading Festival

Saturday, 02.12.2023 – Saturday, 02.12.2023


2023 Taiwan Reading Festival
2023 Taiwan Reading Festival © National Central Library

Many people do not know Heidi originates in Switzerland.  The novel was written by Johanna Spyri (1827–1901) , the most widely read and translated Swiss author. Published in 1880, the first volume of the Heidi novel was an immediate hit among readers in Switzerland and Germany.  Spyri published the second volume just a year later.

Most people actually know this beloved Swiss girl from Isao Takahata’s 1974 animated cartoon series in Japan. To date, there is still a market for Heidi commercial products, which says about Heidi's influence far and wide.

At the 2023 Taiwan Reading Festival on Saturday 2 December, Heidi will bring joy to families visiting the Swiss booth. In partnership with the Anna-Spyri-Archive in Zürich, we will display original editions of the Heidi series from the 1880s, historical photographs, original illustrations and copies of the manuscript! There will be hands-on activities for the children and storytime read by Alpöhi! 

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Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (Swiss Booth located in Section Q) 


2 December(Sat) 10:00-17:00 

Location: Taipei