Contest of photos for annual calendar “Tajikistan 2018-2019”

Local news, 21.08.2017

The Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan invites professional and amateur photographers to participate in the contest of photos with the subject “Best touristic places and things worth to see in Tajikistan” for its next Calendar “Tajikistan 2018-2019”

Tajikistan is both beautiful and culturally diverse and no wonder tourists from around the world strive to see and experience the natural beauty and traditions of the country: here you will find the real “Kingdom” of mountains, glaciers, endless pure rivers, lakes and hospitality of the locals.  

In order to promote tourism in Tajikistan the Swiss Cooperation Office invites professional and amateur photographers to participate in the contest, which will result in selecting of a limited number of photos that shall reflect the numerous touristic features like nature, people, architecture, cultural and culinary traditions of Tajikistan. Priority in the selection of photos will be given to the local participants from Tajikistan and the neighbouring countries. We are convinced that all interested contestants have a great deal of such photos to offer, which would show what Tajikistan has in store for tourists. Photographs submitted are expected to vividly reflect Tajikistan from the touristic perspectives. Only images which are unretouched or with the minimum correction will be selected for the shortlist.

Selection criteria:

  • artistic quality/professionalism

  • technical quality/high resolution

  • content/reflection of the subject

Selection process:

The yearly calendar “Tajikistan” has become a ‘trade mark’ of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan, therefore the selection of winning photographs will be done internally by the staff of the Office.

Requirements to contestants:

  • personal info in brief

  • info on the photographs: date, place, captions

  • language: Tajik or Russian, English

  • quantity of photographs submitted: 3-8

  • minimal resolution: 300 d/i

  • size: minimum 2 MB

All photographs meeting the above requirements should be submitted in the electronic form either by email or hand carried in a media device (CD).

Honorarium: The prize per one selected photograph is 700 Tajik Somoni  

How to apply:

if submitted in a media device: to be in a sealed envelope indicating the subject PHOTO CONTEST CALENDAR and containing contact info of the applicant to the following address: Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan - Dushanbe, 3 Tolstoy street; Tel: (+992 37) 224 73 16, 224 38 97

if submitted via e-mail: with cc to with the subject line indicating PHOTO CONTEST CALENDAR. Deadline for submission of the complete application package:  24 September 2017.