Public holidays

The Embassy in Dar es Salaam is closed on the listed holidays
02.01.2023 Monday New Year's Day
12.01.2023 Thursday Zanzibar Revolution Day
07.04.2023 Friday Karume Day / Good Friday
10.04.2023 Monday Easter Monday
21.04.2023 Friday Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)*
26.04.2023 Wednesday Union Day
01.05.2023 Monday International Worker's Day
18.05.2023 Thursday Ascension Day
29.05.2023 Monday Whit Monday (Pentecost Monday)
28.06.2023 Wednesday Eid al-Adha*
07.07.2023 Friday Saba Saba Day 
01.08.2023 Tuesday Swiss National Day 
08.08.2023 Tuesday Nane Nane Day
27.09.2023 Wednesday Maulid Day*
25.12.2023 Monday Christmas Day
26.12.2023 Tuesday Boxing Day

* Tentative – to be confirmed