Director of Cooperation
Andreas Huber

Deputy Director of Cooperation
Guy Bonvin

Governance, Humanitarian Aid, Conflict Sensitive Programme Management
Eileen Hofstetter  - Senior Advisor

Economic  Development, Banking and Financial Markets, Organic Agriculture
Viktor Shutkevych – Assistant Director of Cooperation/National Programme Officer

Sustainable Energy Management and Urban Development
Anna Vilde – National Programme Officer

Sustainable Cities and Peacebuilding
Ganna Kuznetsova – National Programme Officer

Local Governance and Public Sector Reforms
Ilona Postemska – National Programme Officer/Governance Focal Person

Human Security: Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Dealing with the Past
Liudmyla Harbuz - National Peace and Human Rights Officer

Health with focus on Health Promotion and Mental Health
Petro Ilkiv – National Programme Officer

Media, Communications; Gender
Liudmyla Nestryliai – Communications Officer and Gender Focal Person

Financial and Legal Management, Human Resources management
Viktoria Yemets – Head of Finance and Administration

General reception services, Translation, Bookkeeping, Office Management
Olena Faibushevych – Financial Assistant/Receptionist/Secretary

Transportation, Logistics
Pavlo Ishchuk – Technical Assistant