Welcome message from the Ambassador

Ambassador Alexandre Fasel
Alexandre Fasel, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Kingdom © FDFA

It is a great pleasure to personally welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom. Here you can find information on all facets of the strong and long-standing diplomatic relationship between the Swiss and the British. As the official representation of Switzerland in the UK, we strive to maintain and develop these ties daily, and to further Swiss interests across these islands.

Having taken up my post at the beginning of September 2017, I have been acquainting myself with the large and diverse Swiss community across the UK. The 35,000 Swiss citizens living here, each and every one in their own way, promote cultural and commercial exchanges and thus contribute towards the enduring friendship between our two countries.

Today, strengthening these bonds is of paramount importance. As preparations for the UK’s departure from the European Union proceed, we are working hard to ensure clarity and continuity in the post-Brexit UK-Swiss relationship.

To stay up to date on our activities, you are invited to subscribe to our Embassy Newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at london@eda.admin.ch.

Best wishes,

Alexandre Fasel
Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Kingdom