Brexit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EU Settlement Scheme


Swiss citizens and their family members wishing to remain in the UK have to apply for a new residence status under the UK’s EU Settlement Scheme before 30 June 2021, called settled or pre-settled status. This includes those with a British spouse and those who already have a ‘document certifying permanent residence’. Those who have ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ are strongly encouraged to apply. However, those who also have British citizenship are exempt from this requirement.

For more detailed information on the Settlement Scheme and other changes for Swiss and British citizens in the context of Brexit, please find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. We appreciate your understanding that the Embassy of Switzerland cannot give binding information or advice in individual cases.

We have also made two videos explaining the impact of Brexit on the lives of Swiss citizens living in the UK. You can click on the following links to watch them:

Live settled status application of a Swiss citizen

Webinar with Ambassador Fasel on Post-Brexit residence rights for Swiss citizens

FAQ last reviewed: 25 May 2021

Background information on Brexit

The transition period, which was based on the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, ended on 31 December 2020 and the UK’s EU exit process is now complete. The Withdrawal Agreement, which sets out, inter alia, the status of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit, continues to apply.

Switzerland is not a party to the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement and has therefore signed a separate Swiss-UK Citizens’ Rights Agreement, the aim of which is to secure the rights of Swiss and British citizens after the transition period.

UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement

Swiss-UK Citizens’ Rights Agreement

Swiss citizens living in the UK: Settled and pre-settled status

Swiss citizens visiting the UK

Swiss citizens working in the UK but living elsewhere (frontier workers)

Swiss citizens intending to live and/or work in the UK

British citizens living/working/visiting Switzerland

Visiting Switzerland (travelling with pets, driving)