Liechtenstein – Consular services

In all countries in which Liechtenstein does not have any representation its citizens may make use of the relevant Swiss representation for all consular questions. Since 1919 Switzerland, at the request of the Government of Liechtenstein, has been looking after the interests of Liechtenstein and its citizens abroad.

The interests of Liechtenstein citizens abroad are in principle safeguarded by Swiss diplomatic and consular representations in the same way as those of Swiss citizens. The safeguarding of interests means in particular:

  • providing diplomatic and consular protection
  • registration of Liechtenstein citizens living abroad
  • issuing temporary passports (emergency passports)
  • receiving and forwarding requests for passports and identity cards
  • dealing with matters concerning civil status
  • providing assistance to Liechtenstein citizens in distress

Principality of Liechtenstein – Life situations (de)

The Swiss representation concerned will be glad to answer your questions.

Passport and/or identity card application

The Regional Consular Centre London has the pleasure to announce that the Swiss representations abroad are once again able to order identity documents for Liechtenstein nationals from 1 July 2013. The Liechtenstein representations abroad are no longer able to order them, the only exception being the Embassy in Berne.

Furthermore, it is now possible to order an identity card or a “combi” (passport and identity card).

Applicants for a passport/identity card living in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who are registered with the Regional Consular Centre in London will have to come to our office to have their picture, signature and fingerprints (not required for the identity card) taken.

Before submitting an application for an identity document, it is of the utmost importance that the current civil status is registered and processed well in advance in order to avoid unpleasant delays in the issuing of a new document. Updating personal data entries in the civil registers in Vaduz can take several weeks.

For organizational reasons, it is essential to make an appointment. This can be done directly by email or by telephone.

Please note that you have to submit a filled-out form prior to an appointment being arranged. To download the form please click here (PDF, 54.0 kB).

Applications for minors or persons under guardianship

Children have to come personally to the Regional Consular Centre in London as well. Minors and applicants in the care of a guardian must be accompanied by their parents or guardian, who will be required to give their consent by signing the application form. Divorced or unmarried parents must provide proof of custody of the child, and in the case of joint custody, both parents must give their written consent.

Consent form (PDF, 1 Page, 34.5 kB, English)

Loss or Theft of a Liechtenstein Passport / Identity Card

If a Liechtenstein document is lost or stolen abroad, the nearest Swiss diplomatic or consular post should be informed as quickly as possible. A police report should be obtained and a copy forwarded to the Regional Consular Centre together with an additional ‘Declaration of Loss’.

Declaration of loss of a Swiss or Liechtenstein identity document (PDF, 2 Pages, 130.2 kB, English)

Declaration of loss of a Swiss or Liechtenstein identity document (PDF, 2 Pages, 366.2 kB, German)

If the lost identity document is recovered, it must be handed in immediately to the nearest Swiss authority entitled to issue passports. It should never be used if it is recovered but returned to the concerned authority for cancellation.

Amount in GBP
Passport  Cost 
Adult  216.00
Child < 12 years
Child 12-17 years
Identity card  Cost 
Adult  132.50
Child < 12 years
Child 12-17 years
Combined offer (passport and ID card)  Cost 
Adult 348.50
Child < 12 years
Child 12-17 years
Provisional passport Cost 
Adult  67.00


Detailed information can be found on the German page.

Online desk

With the online desk you have the possibility to access consular services, such as registering in the Swiss Abroad Register, notifications of changes of civil status, changes of address. 

Online desk