Swiss Ambassador's Award Concert

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Monday, 16.10.2017 – Thursday, 19.10.2017


Christoph Croisé
Christoph Croisé. © Miriam Elias

The annual showcase of talented musicians with a classical and contemporary repertoire introduces Christoph Croisé, an exciting young cellist from Switzerland, who will be accompanied by Alexander Panfilov, an acclaimed young Russian-born pianist, for the UK concert tour.

An exclusive programme has been put together with Thomas Demenga’s New York Honk, Rachmaninov’s Sonata in G minor, Shostakovitch’s Sonata in D minor, Tchaikovsky’s Pezzo Capriccioso in B minor and Daniel Schnyder’s Jazz Sonata.

Christoph Croisé

Dates, venues and tickets:

Edinburgh (PDF, 762.8 kB)

London (PDF, 2 Pages, 865.3 kB)

Cardiff (PDF, 2 Pages, 820.2 kB)


Location: Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Belfast