International Financial Institutions

Most develping countries need capital and external expertise to stimulate growth. It is these requirements that multilateral development banks help to fulfil. Switzerland is a full member of global and regional financial institutions.

Switzerland is a member of the World Bank and the African, Asian and Inter-American development banks. It sits on the various boards as a shareholder and helps shape strategic and operational policy. The SDC also contributes financially to the funds managed by these development banks. Switzerland's contributions help to promote inclusive and sustainable development and finance the needs of the poorest countries' populations.

Development banks have as an objective to offer certain countries access to capital, enabling them to fund projects and programmes on conditions close to market rates and to benefit from support and advice.

For the poorest countries, which have only very limited access to such loans, development banks have set up additional funds such as the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank. These funds grant their poorest members long-term credit at a preferential rate of interest, or even gifts of aid.