Managing migration, promoting integration and enhancing public safety

A policeman listens to a woman.
Some 3,000 police officers in Romania have received training in communication and mediation thanks to the first Swiss contribution. © SDC

The focus is on the exchange of experiences in addressing the challenges posed by refugee- and migration-related issues. Human trafficking and organised crime are international problems that Switzerland also has an interest in solving.

Migration management

The projects strengthen structures for the reception of migrants and ensure efficient asylum procedures and effective voluntary return and
reintegration processes. Cooperation in the fight against human trafficking is also in Switzerland's interest.


The projects facilitate the social and economic integration of refugees and migrant workers and thus also help to combat secondary irregular migration.

Public safety

Cooperation in this area aims to improve the fight against terrorism and organised crime, professionalise disaster management and set up community policing programmes.

Results of the first Swiss contribution 2007–19