Emergencies abroad

Swiss and Liechtenstein citizens facing serious difficulties can contact the Swiss representations or the FDFA Helpline. The FDFA only provides assistance when those affected have taken all reasonable measures to handle the situation and raise the funds they need.

Recommendation for Swiss citizen in case of crisis

We invite you to follow the elementary emergency recommendations "Precautionary measures and behaviour in crisis situations" given below, which we consider to be a general measure of reasonable preparedness.

If a crisis should be shown, the Embassy would contact and inform you. Make sure to let the Embassy know about any changes of address, e-mail address, phone numbers, etc. and inform us of your final departure from Georgia or Armenia. Please note, that information would be sent primarily by e-mail and only if not available by post.

For further information the Embassy will be glad to assist you.


Earthquakes happen everyday around the world. Most of them however are so weak that they are not registered. Nevertheless there are zones that are characterised more than others by more frequent and stronger earthquakes.

Earthquakes, however, can neither be accurately predicted nor prevented, despite scientific knowledge at present.

After an especially violent earthquake, one should expect that other weaker earthquakes would follow.

It would be illusory to expect that foreigners would immediately be taken into consideration in case of a big catastrophe and moreover if they often do not speak Georgian or Russian (when living in Georgia) or Armenian or Russian (when living in Armenia). It is consequently all the more important that you already take some measures.

Hereafter, the Embassy has prepared some measures in order to limit the dangers of an earthquake and to reduce to the minimum the foreseeable damages.

After an earthquake, the most important thing for the Embassy is to note to which extent Swiss nationals were affected and the kind of help that would best be provided to them. Each member of the Swiss community should contribute to this task so that this information could be transmitted as soon as possible to Switzerland.

If, for example, the Embassy cannot reach you, try to contact it without delay!

If the telephone is still working, please use it to transmit your information and also to inform us of your assistance needs.