The tasks of the Embassy

As Switzerland's official representation in Nepal, the Swiss Embassy covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations, consular services and international cooperation between the two countries. It represents Switzerland's interests in relation to political, economic and financial affairs, development cooperation, visa and consular services, legal arrangements, science, education, media and culture.

Nepal and Switzerland look back on over 60 years of collaboration and partnership. Political relations are continuously strengthened and expanded through bilateral exchanges and regular political consultations between representatives of both governments. Switzerland and Nepal cooperate closely in international and multilateral organisations, including on peace and security, migration and climate change. Swiss interests related to security policy, military and defence relations are promoted through the Defence Attaché accredited in Nepal and based at the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi, India.

In partnership with the Government of Nepal, Switzerland supports the democratic development of the new federal state in Nepal. The Swiss Cooperation Programme 2023–26 aims to contribute to the improvement of socio-economic well-being of women and men, and support an inclusive and accountable federal state in Nepal.

The Embassy supports bilateral trade and investments and promotes Switzerland's economic, export and tourism activities in the host country. It establishes contacts with and between Swiss businesses and provides them with general information and legal advice regarding Nepal’s economy and business environment. It works closely with the Nepal Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well as with government entities to facilitate and promote bilateral trade and investments.

Visa and consular services are provided by the Embassy’s consular section, which also maintains close contact with Swiss citizens living in Nepal.

In the areas of science, technology and education, the Embassy fosters collaboration between relevant actors, with the aim of strengthening research and innovation. It also promotes opportunities for qualified students from Nepal to study and do research in Switzerland.

In terms of culture, the Embassy aims to promote mutual understanding in its work to implement Swiss cultural policy. It strengthens contacts with and between relevant cultural institutions from Switzerland and the host country and also with artists. For example, it supports Swiss artists looking for a platform abroad. Events organised or supported by the Embassy are meant to highlight Switzerland's commitment to culture and to building bridges between different cultures.

In regard to the media, the Embassy acts as an interface between the Swiss Government and the official representations in the host country and the national and international media in the host country. It also supports journalists working for Swiss media.