Official holidays

The Embassy will be closed on the following holidays in 2017
27.02.2017 Monday Galbho Losar
14.04.2017 Friday Good Friday/Nepali New Year
17.04.2017 Monday Easter Monday
10.05.2017 Wednesday Buddha Jayanti
01.08.2017 Tuesday Swiss National Day
21.09.2017 Thursday Ghatasthapana
27.09.2017 Wednesday Phulpati
28.09.2017 Thursday Dashain (Maha Asthami)
29.09.2017 Friday Dashain (Maha Nawami)
19.10.2017 Thursday Tihar (Laxmi Puja)
20.10.2017 Friday Tihar (Gobardhan Puja)
26.10.2017 Thursday Chhath Parva*
25.12.2017  Monday  Christmas 

* Date is subject to change