Confirmation of the amount of a pension (AHV/IV and or pension fund)

Pensioners requiring confirmation of their pension for the Thai immigration authorities in order to extend their permit of stay in Thailand, can apply for a such at the Regional Consular Center. An original document (e.g. a pension order) confirming the current entitlement and which is no older than 6 months must be provided. Confirmations sent by the issuing authority/institution to the Regional Consular Center in Bangkok directly by fax or email are also accepted. Bank account or tax statements cannot be used.

If you also receive a child's pension in addition to your AHV/IV pension and this should also be mentioned on the confirmation, then you must also submit an original document to this effect.

Confirmations of the amount of a pension may be ordered by post by sending the original confirmation of pension entitlement with a postal money order* or a check (payable to the Embassy of Switzerland) to the embassy.
For fees applicable for the Certificate and Postage, please refer to left hand side section "Various fees".

If you are not registered with the Swiss Embassy, please also enclose a passport copy.

* Procedure for a Postal Money Order

Fees are to be paid at the post office addressed to the following recipient:
Embassy of Switzerland
G.P.O. Box 821
Bangkok 10501
The receipt no. 1, issued by the post office, has to be sent to the same address.