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URGENT: COVID-19 – Charter Flights to Switzerland – DEADLINE to register 28.03 at 12:00 noon (Thai time)

Register as soon as possible to the following email address:

Place of departure: Bangkok: ban.bkk@eda.admin.ch

Place of departure: Phuket: ban.hkt@eda.admin.ch

Detailed info on the CHARTER FLIGHTS :

We call on Swiss citizens currently traveling in the region to return to Switzerland as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might get blocked in the country you are currently in for the near future.

Considering that possibilities for commercial flights from Thailand to Switzerland will be practically exhausted next week, the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangkok, in cooperation with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Bern, is organizing charter flights departing from Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket) to Switzerland as of next Tuesday, 31 March.

Important: If you already have a ticket that allows you to return to Switzerland, please use this commercial flight you have booked. Contact us only if you do not have any possibility to return.

Elderlies, families with small children and people with special health risks are given priority for these charter flights. Otherwise, priority is given on the basis of definitive confirmations received.

How to get to the international airport
It is your responsibility to organize your trip to the international airport Bangkok or Phuket as soon as possible. On our website (see below), you will find a list of hotels’ suggestions near the airports where you can consider staying until your departure can be organized.

This flight is subject to a fee. The cost of this flight will be based on a normal price for a ticket on this route under normal circumstances. Payment will only have to be made later, once back in Switzerland. Before the flight, a declaration of commitment to pay must be signed.

To confirm your definitive booking, please communicate the following information for all passengers:

  1. Point of departure: Bangkok or Phuket

  2. Name, first name(s)

  3. Date of birth

  4. Passport number / Residence permit in Switzerland

  5. Validity of the passport or residence permit in Switzerland

  6. Phone number where you can be reached at any time

Please send your registration by e-mail to the following address:

Deparute from Bangkok: ban.bkk@eda.admin.ch

Departure from Phuket: ban.hkt@eda.admin.ch

Deadline for registration: Saturday, 28 March 2020 12h00 noon (local time Thailand)

We will inform you of the details of your allocated flight as soon as possible. If you are not assigned to the first flight, you will be put on a list for a flight that will follow later.

In case you have knowledge of other Swiss travelers who are not yet known to this representation but would like to fly home, we kindly ask you to inform them as well.

Travel Admin App: please register! if you are currently travelling in the region as a tourist or on a business trip (not meant for permanent residents), please register on Travel Admin App (Itineris) so that you can be contacted by the relevant Swiss Embassy if necessary. Please make sure that the date of your trip are up-to-date and once you have returned to Switzerland, please delete your trip in the App.

Messages from the Ambassador to the Swiss citizens residing or traveling in the region

Communication #5 of the Swiss Embassy to the Swiss citizens residing in Thailand of 25.03.2020 (PDF, 733.3 kB, multilingual: English, French, Italian, German).

Communication #4 of the Swiss Embassy to the Swiss citizens residing in Thailand of 20.03.2020 (PDF, 855.7 kB, multilingual: English, French, Italian, German).

Communication #3 of the Swiss Embassy to the Swiss citizens residing in Thailand of 18.03.2020.

Communication #2 of the Swiss Embassy to the Swiss citizens residing in Thailand of 16.03.2020 (PDF, 144.7 kB, English).

Communication #1 of the Swiss Embassy to the Swiss citizens residing in Thailand of 10.03.2020 (PDF, 146.3 kB, English)

Video message 4 of the Swiss Ambassador about repatriation flights from Thailand to Switzerland for Swiss travellers (27.3.2020), available on our Facebook page here.

Video message 3 of the Swiss Ambassador to the Swiss citizens travelling and residing in the region (25.3.2020) available on our Facebook page here.

Video message 2 of the Swiss Ambassador to the Swiss citizens residing in the region (23.3.2020) available on our Facebook page here.

Video message 1 of the Swiss Ambassador to the Swiss currently traveling in the region (22.3.2020) available on our Facebook page here.  

New rules for international transit in Thailand airports – valid until 31.03.2020

Since Tuesday evening 24.03 and for 7 days only (until 31.03 included), it is possible to transit through an international airport in Thailand with a “fit-to-fly” health certificate (without COVID-19 test). This applies to those who have “connecting flights” in Thailand en route to a third country. The certificate has to be presented at the check-in counter in the departing country for the flight bound to Thailand. Transit implies that once in an airport in Thailand the travelers remain in the transit area the entire time and less than 24 hours, before departing from Thailand to Switzerland or any country.

Important: Travelers who need to step out of the transit area for a new boarding pass will need to present the same documents as those who want to enter the country when checking in for a flight bound to Thailand, namely:

  • A less than 3-day old health certificate certifying that the traveler is free of Covid-19 (lab test, link here)

  • A health insurance certificate covering Covid-19 treatment in Thailand and with a coverage of no less than USD 100,000.

Please find relevant information on this temporary measure to facilitate transit in Thailand in this file. (information of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

If the passenger is unable to present these documents, the airline will not issue a boarding pass and boarding will be refused.

If the passenger is authorized to fly to Thailand, she/he face possible isolation, quarantine, confinement for observation at a special place and period.

These requirements do not apply for purely domestic flights at the moment.

Entering Switzerland for non-Schengen travelers

The Federal Council has decided to impose controls on travel from all countries outside the Schengen area and to ban entry from these countries. More information for visa holders here

Transit through Switzerland remains open at this time.

Press release State Secretariat for Migration

Recommendations for Swiss citizens living in Thailand

A state of emergency has been declared (26 March – 30 April) to be applied across the country.

We recommend to all Swiss tourists and nationals who are currently in Thailand to strictly follow the information, recommendations and measures of the Thai authorities.

If you are residing in Thailand, we advise you to stay at your place of residence or to return to it as soon as possible.

Here are the main measures announced in the context of the state of emergency:

  • Closure of all borders and restrict movement of travel within the country and from outside.

  • Prohibition of entry into the country (except for members of diplomatic community, permanent residents, and Thai nationals)

  • No curfew imposed at this stage 

  • Essential services remain open (restaurants with delivery service, online delivery service, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, hospitals, etc)

  • Prohibition of gathering in large crowds and protests

  • Prohibition to share unverified information about COVID-19 (“fake news”)

For more information, please check the website of Ministry of Foreign affairs of Thailand.

Be aware that these measures can rapidly change and can be increased when deem necessary.

Information regarding the COVID19 situation and travel advice

Other relevant sources of information here:

World Health Organization WHO

International Air Transport Association, IATA

Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand

Infoline Coronavirus: +41 58 463 00 00

As the official representation of Switzerland, the embassy covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations between the two countries. It represents Swiss interests in the areas of political, economic and financial affairs, legal arrangements, science, education and culture.

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