Official holidays

The Embassy of Switzerland will be closed on the following official Swiss and Thai holidays in 2018:

01.01.2018  Monday  New Year Holiday 
02.01.2018 Tuesday New Year Holiday
13.04.2018  Friday  Songkran Day 
16.04.2018 Monday  Songkran Day 
27.07.2018 Friday  Asalha Puja 
30.07.2018 Monday  H.M. King's Birthday 
01.08.2018 Wednesday  Swiss National Day 
13.08.2018 Monday  H.M. the Queen's Birthday (compensation for Karfreitag)
15.10.2018  Monday  Remembrance Day of H.M. the late King (compensation of Ostermontag) 
23.10.2018  Tuesday  Chulalongkorn Memorial Day (compensation Pfingstmontag) 
05.12.2018  Wedneday  H.M. the late King's Birthday (compensation Auffahrt) 
24.12.2018 Monday  Christmas Eve 
25.12.2018  Tuesday  Christmas Day 
26.12.2018 Wednesday  Stephanstag 
31.12.2018 Monday  New Year's Eve