Translation of a Swiss driving licence in the form of a certificate

Should you require a translation of your Swiss driving licence in the form of a certificate in order to exchange your Swiss driving licence for a local licence, you can:

  • present a valid identity document and your original Swiss driving licence to the Swiss representation which covers your place of residence abroad. More information on certification fees and costs can be found on this site under the Attestations and Certificates (various fees)

Attestations and certificates: Various fees

  • contact the representation (embassy or consulate) of the country concerned in Switzerland, which can advise you on the steps you need to take to ensure that the Swiss translation of your driving licence can be properly recognised in the country concerned.

A translation of a driving licence in the form of a certificate is invalid unless accompanied by the original licence.

Thai driving licence

The following authority is responsible for issuing Thai driving licences 

The Department of Land Transport 
1032 Phahonyothin Road 
Opposite Chatuchak Park 
Bangkok 10900 
Tel: +662 271 8888 

Before they will issue a Thai driving licence, the Thai authorities require a translation of the Swiss driving licence. The Regional Consular Centre can do this for you. Please send us your original Swiss driving licence together with a postal money order or cheque (payable to the Embassy of Switzerland) in accordance with currently applicable fees (confirmations & postal charges). The documents will be returned to you as quickly as possible.