Increase of the control and the respect of the rules set out in the legislation protecting the environment and risk management

Project completed

The project aims to increase the capacities of the Bulgarian judicial system to deal with environment protection regulations and to ensure efficient prosecution of environmental crime. The project is part of the thematic fund security in Bulgaria. Further information about this fund can be found among the additional information on the very bottom of this page.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Enhanced security and safety
01.09.2012 - 30.06.2016
CHF  180’000

Note: the texts under all the headings, with the exception of 'Results achieved', describe the situation before the start of the project.

Target groups

Bulgarian Prosecutors


(i): Constitute a working group of 3 associate professors, 5 experts and 8 prosecutors to conduct research, analysis and evaluation; (ii): Organization of a roundtable meeting of 6 members of the expert work and press conference to present the project with up to 10 representatives of environmental NGOs; (iii): Elaborating and update database of EU, national and international best practices; (iv): Draft Manual with guidelines for prosecutors on matters tackling environmental crime; (v): Equipping office of the APB and elaborating strategy for its development; (vi): Organizing closing conference of the project for 100 participants; (vii): Organizing the training for APB members on project proposals writing and management.


Achieved results:  

  • Online Database of EU, national and international
    best practices and manual on environmental crime prosecution largely distributed and available online
  • Curricula for the training on environmental crime prosecution developed for the prosecutors
  • Partnerships between prosecutors, state authorities and NGOs dealing with environment protection established and improving the cooperation between them on environmental crime prosecution
  • Association of Prosecutors of Bulgaria (APB) better recognized in the civil society and the public as a centre of expertise in environment protection and with strengthened capacities
  • The project contributed to the proposed measures to improve the Criminal Code in relation to the prosecution of environmental crime
  • Operational expert group of prosecutors and
    committee on the matters of environmental crime set up
  • National network of 58 trained, well-informed and
    prepared prosecutors in matters of environmental crime set up

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU
Project partners Contract partner
Private sector

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    180’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    0 Budget inclusive project partner CHF    200’000
Project phases Phase 10 01.07.2014 - 31.05.2019   (Completed) Phase 2 15.09.2012 - 30.09.2017   (Completed)

Phase 1 01.09.2012 - 30.06.2016   (Completed)

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