Consular Section

The consular section mainly takes care of the concerns of the Swiss living abroad but also of the citizens of our host country. The main tasks in a Consular section are:

  • Residence registration for Swiss citizens living abroad
  • Passports and identity cards matters
  • Civil status matters (births, marriages, divorces, deaths, adoptions)
  • Helping Swiss tourists in trouble
  • Consular protection (providing help and assistance in case of detention, accidents etc.) to Swiss Citizens
  • Visa and asylum matters
  • Confirmation and legalisation matters
  • Swiss citizenship / naturalization
  • Social welfare for Swiss living abroad
  • Swiss maritime navigation matters

In addition to that, all the administrative work such as finance management, staff management and housing management are part of the duties of a head of the Consular section. Furthermore he/she is responsible for the safety of the Consulate and Residence (House of the Consul General) and for the crisis management.

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Your contacts

Mr Ralph Steinegger, Head of Chancery

Mr Michel Wiedmer, Head of Visa section