Economic, Financial and Commercial Section

Tasks and objectives

The Economic, Financial and Commercial Section contributes to the strengthening and enhancement of the Sino-Swiss economic relations. In order to implement the economic strategies of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) it maintains regular contacts with the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant Chinese authorities. In this context, bilateral visits by Swiss officials and vice versa are of outmoust importance to ensure an efficient cooperation. The Economic, Financial and Commercial Section prepares and actively participates in bilateral meetings and arranges the follow-up. A deepening of the Sino-Swiss economic relations further includes the improvement of the overall economic environment for Swiss business in China. This Section provides Swiss companies with general and legal information on the Chinese economy and if necessary, carries out diplomatic interventions and helps to arrange and facilitate meetings with Chinese authorities. In cooperation with the Swiss Business Hub it supports Swiss companies to establish contacts and to promote Swiss exports. To fully accomplish these tasks it is necessary to closely monitor the development of the Chinese economy and the main legislative changes. This Embassy’s economic team regularly participates in official economic and business events, seminars and briefings to compose reports and up-dates for the corresponding Swiss authorities.

We deal with the following areas in particular

  • Inform Swiss authorities about the Chinese economic, trade and finance policies
  • Organize bilateral visits on all governmental levels and assist Swiss delegations in China
  • Support Swiss companies in dealing with Chinese authorities and provide them with relevant information
  • Maintain relations with Chinese authorities, Chambers of Commerce, national and international organizations
  • Enhance network in areas of Swiss economic interests 

Contact details

Mr. David Braun (谢达蔚)
Head of Economic, Financial and Commercial Section
Tel. +86 10 8532 88 29
Fax : +86 10 6532 43 53

Mr. Alexandre Miremad (钱龙德)
Deputy Head of Economic, Financial and Commercial Section
First Secretary
Tel. +86 10 8532 7565
Fax : +86 10 6532 43 53 

Mr. Erich James Hoesli (何思礼)
Economic Advisor
> Macro, Trade & Investment, Transport, Energy & Environment
Tel. +86 10 8532 88 72
Fax: +86 10 6532 43 53

Ms. Sonja Astfalck (宋欣容)
Economic Advisor
> IP, Market Access (TBT/SPS), Agriculture, Mongolia
Tel. +86 10 8532 87 20
Fax: +86 10 6532 43 53

Ms. Victoria Shi (史哲矢)
Trade and Research Officer
Tel. +86 10 8532 8824
Fax: +86 10 6532 43 53

Mr. Cui Hao (崔浩)
Senior Assistant
Tel. +86 10 8532 88 15
Fax : +86 10 6532 43 53

Florian Specht (萧伯涵)
Tel. +86 10 8532 87 96
Fax : +86 10 6532 43 53