Monday, 14.03.2022 – Thursday, 09.11.2023

Public event

Cleantech Exhibition
Cleantech Exhibition © FDFA

Can technology save the world? Learn more about innovative technological solutions developed by Swiss and Czech researchers and companies in areas such as water, agriculture, e-mobility, recycling and energy.


The touring exhibition "CAN TECH SAVE THE WORLD?" ("MOHOU TECHNOLOGIE ZACHRÁNIT SVĚT?") can be visited at our partner institutions in various cities in the Czech Republic. The exhibition locations and further details will be announced on this website in due course:


Location: Czech Republic

Video: Round table with Bertrand Piccard "Swiss-Czech solutions to protect the environment", 15.03.2022

© Embassy of Switzerland in the Czech Republic / ČTK

Selected projects, which are already successfully used in Switzerland and many other countries, were presented at the TU Liberec in a free event. 


The presentation of patents and unique, inspiring solutions was complemented by discussions/networking between entrepreneurs, representatives of the public and academic sectors and students. This took place on Wednesday, May 4 at 11:00 am. The event was attended by the Swiss Ambassador Philippe Guex and the Rector of the Technical University of Liberec doc. RNDr. Miroslav Brzezina, CSc. In addition, a representative of the Swiss company Transmutex, which focuses on revolutionary energy production by nuclear fission of thorium and the use of spent fuel, and Jiří Tencar of the ECOTEN platform presented their concepts. The latter offers innovative services to help communities adapt to climate change and mitigate heat islands in cities.

Central Station in Pardubice, 14.06.2022

Ambassador Philippe Guex with Martin Charvát, Mayor of Pardubice and Martin Kolovratník, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
Ambassador Philippe Guex with Martin Charvát, Mayor of Pardubice and Martin Kolovratník, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic @ EDA

The Embassy of Switzerland in the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic and the Chamber of Commerce of the Pardubice Region organized an open discussion event on the topic "Do green technologies bring new business opportunities for the Pardubice Region?" in June in the ČD Lounge of the Main Railway Station in Pardubice.


The main topics of the evening were:

  • Clean technologies (CleanTech) as a stimulus for the economy and businesses in the Czech Republic
  • The Green Deal based on the successful Swiss model - in business and R&D (science, research, innovation)
  • ESG/SDG assessment of business plans and projects from the perspective of banks in the Czech Republic / Switzerland
  • Cooperation between Czech and Swiss entrepreneurs, investors, public sector, science or universities in the field of green innovation

As part of the event, the exhibition "Can Tech Save the World?" was also opened in the presence of the Swiss ambassador in the Pardubice train station hall, where it was on display from June 11-22.

VIDA! science center in Brno, 05.09. - 03.10.2022

Cleantech exhibition at the VIDA! science centre in Brno
Cleantech exhibition at the VIDA! science centre in Brno © EDA

The next stop of the exhibition "Can Tech Save the World?" was the science center VIDA! In Brno, where it was on display from 05.09.-03.10. The official opening took place on 13.09. in the presence of the Swiss ambassador.


As an accompanying program to the exhibition, VIDA! organized a panel discussion on 07.09. on the topic of how technology can contribute to sustainable development. On this day, a unique project from Switzerland was also presented, which was the main attraction of this event: the Solar Butterfly. It is a small mobile house that can travel around 300 km per day with the help of solar energy. Two days earlier, the Solar Butterfly had already made a stopover in Prague on its world tour.

Forum Nova Karolina shopping center in Ostrava, 15.10. - 15.11.2022

Cleantech exhibition at the Forum Nova Karolina shopping centre in Ostrava
Cleantech exhibition at the Forum Nova Karolina shopping centre in Ostrava @ EDA

As the last stop this year, the exhibition was presented in the shopping center Forum Nova Karolina from 15.10.-15.11. and offered visitors a break from their shopping.

In 2023, the project will continue and the exhibition will be presented at other locations in the Czech Republic. We will keep you up to date!

Ústí nad Labem, 01.03. - 04.05.2023

Exhibition opening in Ústí nad Labem
Exhibition opening in Ústí nad Labem © UJEP

Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of J. E. Purkynĕ and Innovation Center ICUK, 01.03.-11.04.2023.

The first stop of the exhibition in 2023 was in Ústí nad Labem. For the first time, the entire exhibition was not situated in one place, but is instead partitioned into two different venues. The larger part (20 panels) was presented at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of UJEP, the smaller part (5 panels) was located in the Innovation Center ICUK. On Monday, March 6th, 2023, the exhibition was officially opened after a speech by Swiss Ambassador Philippe Guex.


City council, 11.04. - 04.05.2023

On April 11th, the exhibition moved again, but this time only within Ústí nad Labem. It will was on display in the premises of the City Administration, which are located at Velká Hradební Street No. 8., and it was be open to the public there until May 4th.

"Změna začíná s tebou!" contest
"Změna začíná s tebou!" contest © EDA

“The change begins with you!” contest


As an accompanying program to the exhibition we organised a competition entitled "The change begins with you!". We cooperated with 380 schools in the Ústí nad Labem region. The target group was children and teenagers from the second elementary school level to the middle school level.


The aim of the competition was, on the one hand, to stimulate the pupils' interest for sustainable development and the problems connected with it. On the other hand, it is also to gave them the challenge and opportunity to formulate concrete measures, solutions and actions to tackle precisely these problems. The competition was divided into different thematic areas according to the school levels. The students of the elementary level could choose between the themes of clean water and sanitation, fight against hunger and climate protection. Middle school students could choose from the themes of affordable and clean energy, industry, innovation, infrastructure, and responsible consumption and production.


The competition was jugded by a panel of five judges. The best solutions in both categories were awarded prizes and a field trip to Nestlé's Tivall plant in Krupka. 

TechTower in Pilsen, 25.05. - 30.06.2023

Flyer Hecathon
Flyer Hecathon Ⓒ SIT Port

Next, the exhibition moved to Pilsen, where it was on display in the TechTower Technology Park. Here we again organized an accompanying program for the younger generation, the so-called hackathon.

The two-day hackathon entitled "Seeing Switzerland through Czech eyes" brought almost 40 participants to the Tech Tower building in Pilsen. In nine teams, young people from the Pilsen region worked 24 hours a day to solve tasks. During this time, they created a website and mobile app for Rhätische Bahn and a yearly charity plan for Nestlé CZ.

The partners of this accompanying programme were SIT Port, Nestlé and Schweiz Tourismus.

We thank our partners for their support:

Partners of the competitions in Ústí and Pilsen
Partners of the competitions in Ústí and Pilsen Ⓒ Nestlé, Ⓒ Schweiz Tourismus

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, 16.10. - 06.11. 2023

Danièle Rod
Danièle Rod © EDA

The public had the opportunity to see the exhibition in two buildings of the University of South Bohemia. As part of the exhibition, we organized a lecture tour of the director of the Swiss Polar Institute Danièle Rod to universities in three Czech cities: České Budějovice, Brno and Prague.

The lecture was aimed at students of natural sciences, experts in the study of polar regions and the general public. The added value was the establishment of contacts and the prospect of future cooperation between Czech and Swiss specialists in the field of polar science.

The partner organisations of the accompanying programme were the University of South Bohemia, Masaryk University and Charles University.

Congress Centre Prague, 08.-09.11.2023

At the end of our project, the exhibition travelled again to the Prague Congress Centre, where it was exhibited for the first time in March 2022.

Here it could be seen by the participants of the Esri GIS conference. The conference organized by ARCDATA PRAHA is the largest geoinformatics meeting in the Czech Republic. Peter Jäger (Esri Schweiz AG) from Switzerland was one of the key speakers of the conference and spoke about important GIS projects in Switzerland that use modern Esri technology (e.g. Gotthard Tunnel).