Authentic Light Orchestra at the Budapest Ritmo Festival

Friday, 06.10.2017 – Friday, 06.10.2017

ALO © Feliks Voloz

Armenian melodies, classical influences, jazz and a touch of electronica mingle seamlessly in Authentic Light Orchestra’s creations. Founder Valeri Tolstov comes from a distinguished classical background, opting in 2009 to dive into Armenian folk music to connect more deeply with his roots. He chose outstanding companions for the quest: jazz and folk virtuoso Veronika Stadler as singer; creative and subtle Andi Pupato as percussionist, and versatile Franz Hellmüller on guitar. The resulting fusion is emotive, intelligent and playful: it creeps under your skin without you noticing.

A.L.O. are working on their newest album, so you are going to hear compositions in a state of fresh inspiration from the Swiss-Armenian group on 6 October at the Budapest Ritmo Festival in Budapest Akvarium Club. The concert will start at 21.00.



Location: Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.