Nestlé announces another huge investment in Bük

Local news, 13.01.2023

On 13 Januars 2023 Nestlé announced a new investment of nearly HUF 140 billion, for the construction of an ultra-modern automated warehouse and a wet pet food production plant in Bük.

The factory in Bük
The factory in Bük © by Nestlé

Following a HUF 50 billion investment announced two years ago and a HUF 35 billion investment launched last year this investment will create another 250 jobs. As in the two development phases launched earlier, innovation and the use of environmentally friendly solutions will be a priority. The new factories under construction will be powered by electric water heaters running exclusively on green electricity, which will further improve the factory's carbon footprint.

Nestlé is a long term partner to the Hungarian economy and has been present for over 30 years. With its total investments of over HUF 325 billion and its 2’500 employees in Hungary, Nestlé is the largest Swiss investor and employer in the country.