Annual Meeting 2023 in Hungary

Local news, 01.06.2023


On 23th of May 2023 the first annual meeting on the Second Swiss Contribution to Hungary took place in Budapest, as part of the regular encounters between Switzerland and Hungary. The Swiss and the Hungarian delegations discussed the progress made in the preparation of programmes and projects to be funded in the framework of the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme launched in January this year. 


The meeting offered a great opportunity for both countries to discuss the thematic contents of the programmes, the challenges faced in relation to the design of schemes, including the scope, the objectives and the expected results.


It was also important to highlight the value of involving the civil society in selected programmes and projects. The parties also discussed the tasks that they will perform in the coming period in accordance with the bilateral Framework Agreement and also the schedule of implementation, including the planned timing of calls for proposals.


In relation to the thematic areas supported in the Cooperation Programme, the Swiss delegation had the opportunity to make site visits. The first visit was organized at the geothermal heating facility of the Vácrátót Botanic Gardens near Budapest. The visit was a good way to present a model for the planned infrastructural development scheme, the reconstruction and connection of geothermal wells to district heating. 

Site visit at Vacratot
Site visit at Vacratot © NCU Angéla Vass-Nagy


The second visit to a Vocational Training Centre at Miskolc offered a good chance to discuss specific questions related to the dual system of vocational training, especially the cooperation with the economy and the practical aspects of vocational exams. As regards the engagement of minorities and socially disadvantaged groups, the delegation visited a Roma community centre in Eger, which supports the everyday life of the local population, operated in cooperation with Eszterházy Károly Catholic University. 

Site visit to Eger Roma community
Site visit to Eger Roma community © NCU Angéla Vass-Nagy


The two visits provided for an insight into the everyday challenges faced by disadvantaged students and communities and made it possible to discuss some details of the planned scheme of digital competence development.