Economic relations

Bilateral Agreements

  1. Double Taxation Agreement:
    To prevent or alleviate the effects of double taxation in Switzerland and abroad, Switzerland has signed the double taxation convention with Israel in 2003, which follows the OECD specimen treaty. Switzerland uses the tax exemption method and does not tax income or net worth that is allocated to the source country. (Signed in 02/07/2003)
  2. The Free Trade Agreement with the EFTA – (signed in 1993)
  3. Air Transport Agreement (signed in 1955)
  4. A letter of intent on the promotion of scientific cooperation between Israel and Switzerland. (signed in Sept. 2005 by Federal Councillor Mr. Pascal Couchepin)


Most of the significant investments of Swiss companies were carried out since 1990 in particular in the food sector (Nestlé-Osem), pharmaceuticals (Ares-Serono, Roche, Novartis), machines (Schindler, ABB, G Fischer) and financial services (UBS, Union Bancaire Privée; Swiss Re). The Swiss investments in Israel exceed 500 Mio Swiss francs.

In the food sector for instance, Switzerland is visible in the everyday life, in particular thanks to the Emmi yoghurts and Nestle products. Positive also the code-sharing between Swiss and El Al, these two airline companies ensuring four scheduled flights per day (without Shabbat) to Zurich.

Swiss Economic Promotion in Israel

Swiss economic promotion in Israel is done by different channels. First of all, there are the intensive internal trade movements within the multinationals. Secondly there are the extraordinarily lively personal networks between Israelis, double nationals and the Swiss. Thirdly, there are the three Chambers of Commerce:

Chambre de Commerce Suisse-Israël

Mr. Gabriel Taus – Secretary general
P.O. Box 22
8030 Zurich
Tel.: +41 (0)44 362 16 30
Fax: +41 (0)44 362 16 34

Israel-Switzerland&Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Gideon Hamburger, Chairman
Tel.: +972 (0)3 754 78 78
Fax: +972 (0)3 754 78 00

The Israeli subsidiary company of the Chamber of Commerce, Switzerland-Israel

Mr. Eytan Liraz
Tel.: +972 (0)3 537 73 88
Fax: +972 (0)3 537 73 99

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