The Official Anniversary Logo

With the anniversary year approaching, an open competition was organised for an official anniversary logo from 1 October to 30 November 2012. The competition was open to all persons resident in Switzerland and Japan with Swiss or Japanese nationality (regardless of their place of residence).The contest met with a huge response in Switzerland and in Japan. The contest jury evaluated 231 entries, 136 from Japan and 96 from Switzerland, with the winning design coming from Swiss graphic designer Francesca Porro (37, based in Zurich):

Official Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Japan Logo
Official Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Japan Logo © FDFA

Francesca Porro's design, chosen by the jury in which Switzerland and Japan were equally represented, won the day because the graphic elements clearly stressed the main values of the anniversary, the close links of friendship between the two countries. The logo is in two languages and can be used in various language combinations (Japanese-German, Japanese-French, Japanese-Italian and Japanese-English), reflecting Switzerlands multilingual landscape. The logo is available in two sizes to allow for flexible use.

The jury consisted of representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the FDFA, the Embassy of Japan in Bern, the Embassy of Switzerland in Tokyo, an external Japanese expert and an external Swiss expert. They chose the following prizewinners:


  • Francesca Porro, graphic designer (37), Zurich, (Prize: CHF 1,000)

The following designs shared second place:

  • Risaki Koyama, designer (31), Tomonori Saito, art director (28) and Shohei Sawada, art director (27), all from Tokyo, (Prize: CHF 500)
  • Olivier Meichtry, graphic designer (46), Sion, (Prize: CHF 500)

The following outstanding entries were also mentioned:

  • Géraldine Hahn, graphic designer (25), Lausanne
  • Makoto Fujimura, graphic designer (57), Tokyo
  • Hiroyuki Otsuka, graphic designer (51), Tokyo

The prizes with a total value of CHF 2,000 were donated by the Sakae Stünzi Foundation.

An overview of all designs submitted in the competition and a sheet with all variations of the winning logo are available under the download section.

The winning entry will accompany anniversary activities in Switzerland and in Japan. The aim of the activities is to deepen bilateral relations in human, cultural, economic and scientific terms. On request, organisers of events connected with the anniversary may use the official anniversary logo for the communication of their events. Detailed information on the application procedure for endorsement of events and use of the official logo is listed on a separate page (click here).


For questions please contact:

Embassy of Switzerland in Japan
Culture and Public Affairs Section
Tel: +81 3 5449 8436/37