Official holidays

The Embassy is closed on the following days in 2017
01.01.2017 Sunday New Year’s Day
16.04.2017 Sunday Easter Day
01.05.2017  Monday Labour Day
25.05.2017  Thursday Independence Day
25.06.2017 Sunday  Eid al Fitr 
26.06.2017 Monday Eid al Fitr
27.06.2017 Tuesday Eid al Fitr
28.06.2017 Wednesday Eid al Fitr
31.08.2017 Thursday  Eid al Adha 
03.09.2017 Sunday Eid al Adha
04.09.2017 Monday Eid al Adha
21.09.2017 Thursday Islamic New Year
25.12.2017 Monday Christmas Day
01.01.2018 Monday New Year’s Day