Travel Admin – Online registration for travels abroad

Travel safely and relaxed with Travel Admin, the FDFA's travel app. The Travel Admin app provides ideal support in preparing a trip. The app also offers useful information and services for people travelling, not only in case of a crisis. But if the crisis does occur, the app can become a particularly valuable tool: The app has proven its worth, for example, in the context of the coronavirus crisis in organising the return journey of blocked Swiss travellers.

FDFA services and useful information at the touch of a finger, both before and during the journey: Travel Admin.
FDFA services and useful information at the touch of a finger, both before and during the journey: Travel Admin. © FDFA

Travel Admin is the new app developed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to replace the Itineris app. It helps you to prepare your trip and assists you while travelling.

Good preparation is half the journey

Use Travel Admin's customisable checklists to plan the perfect trip. You can attach copies of important travel documents like your passport and insurance policies to the checklists. The FDFA's regularly updated travel advice is available at the touch of a button and is an indispensable part of any good travel plan. Once you've registered, you can simply enter your destinations as well as your travel companions and an emergency address directly from your contacts list.

Travel carefree with Travel Admin

Don't leave home without the FDFA

Travel Admin is your FDFA service centre on the go. In the event of a crisis in your destination country, the FDFA will notify you by SMS. At the push of a button, you can send everyone in your contacts list a message to reassure them that you're OK or inform the FDFA of your current location. You can quickly find the addresses, contact details and website of the nearest Swiss representation and contact them directly by phone, Skype or email.  The app also lists emergency numbers (fire service, police, ambulance) for your destination. The FDFA Helpline, which is also accessible from the app, offers round-the-clock assistance worldwide. During the global crisis caused by the Coronavirus 2020, the Travel Admin app has proven to be particularly effective. Thanks to the registration of tens of thousands of trips by stranded Swiss travellers in the app, the FDFA was able to bring numerous Swiss nationals back home in spring 2020 in a large-scale repatriation action.

Registration, logging in or registering a trip – watch our video-instructions below