Switzerland and Aga Khan Foundation provide humanitarian aid to farmers of Naryn oblast of Kyrgyzstan

Local news, 22.05.2020

To respond to the socio-economic risks arising from the spread of the coronavirus in the region, fodder seeds and fertilizers as well as individual protection materials were provided to farmers and veterinarians in Naryn oblast of Kyrgyzstan.

Delivery of humanitarian aid © Aga Khan Foundation, 2020

This humanitarian aid was transferred as part of the project “Emergency support to the livestock sector in Naryn and At-Bashy districts of Naryn oblast” supported by the Government of Switzerland and the Aga Khan Foundation in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The project in cooperation with local authorities provides support to more than 300 vulnerable farmer households of Naryn and At-Bashy districts of Naryn oblast. The farmers received 40 tons of barley seeds, 8 tons of sainfoin seeds and 10 tons of the ammophos fertilizer to grow fodder crops on 260 hectares and to support self-sustainability of farmers during the crisis period.

Since livestock is a key source of income in Naryn region, veterinarians of these areas have also been provided with personal protective equipment to allow safe working conditions. The equipment included 100 pieces of medical respiratory masks, 700 pairs of gloves and 100 pieces of protective goggles. This assistance was delivered through the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety Directorate of At-Bashy and Naryn districts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the socio-economic situation of farmers and the key response was to provide timely support during sowing season. These measures will allow people in vulnerable situation to continue working, safe vaccination of their livestock and support food security situation in the region.

During the delivery of humanitarian aid all sanitary precautionary measures were ensured.