Switzerland has been supporting the Republic of Moldova since 2000 as an expression of solidarity, but also with a view to enhancing security and stability in Europe. In recent years, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has concentrated on the domains of Health, and Water and Sanitation with a clear objective of developing these two sectors in line with European standards.     

Swiss Cooperation Strategy for the Republic of Moldova (2014-2017)

The Strategy ensures continuity of Swiss assistance building upon past experience and partnerships, and incorporating innovations.  

The priorities of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Moldova (2014-2017) are aligned to the sector strategies of the Government of Moldova.

Overall goal

To support the Republic of Moldova in the process of transition, by ensuring equitable access to public services and improved institutional capacities with a special focus on the health and water sectors

Thematic priorities/ domains of intervention

Non-core programme


The SDC health projects are designed to improve access for rural and vulnerable populations to better-quality essential services in primary healthcare, mental health, paediatric emergency, and adolescent health.

In the field of water and sanitation, the SDC contributes to improving access for the population to safe drinking water and proper sanitation by promoting sustainable, affordable and replicable models, especially in villages and small towns.

In the field of migration & development, the SDC focuses on exploring and piloting innovative interventions aimed at both maximizing the positive development effects of migration and diminishing its negative consequences.