Webinar Import Substitution in Russia

Wednesday, 14.09.2016 – Wednesday, 14.09.2016


Russian Matryoshkas
Russian Matryoshkas FDFA

Webinar, where the new Practical GuideImport Substitution in Russia” will be presented with focus on several industries (e.g. MEM Industry, Food and Food Processing, Automotive, ICT, Medical Technology, Pharma). All participants will exclusively receive the currently unpublished Practical Guide after the Webinar free of charge. In case of questions and concerns regarding business and market specific issues about Russia participants can profit from an individual and free country consultation from the experts at Switzerland Global Enterprise.

«Import Substitution» and «Localisation of Production» have become very important topics for foreign companies with activities on the Russian market. Traditionally imported products have to be increasingly substituted by ‘Made in Russia’. Some foreign companies, especially SME, see this trend mainly as a threat to their business in Russia. Others have also discovered the interesting potential behind import substitution which can even create new market opportunities in specific sectors, e.g. in the agricultural or food processing sector.

There is a lot of dynamics when it comes to the Russian legislation on import substitution. New laws, by-laws, resolutions and orders are created every year and month, and foreign companies have to cope with changing frame conditions and uncertainty. Therefore, Switzerland Global Enterprise together with the Swiss Business Hub Russia decided to work with CMS Russia to create a Practical Guide for Swiss companies which are affected by this topic.

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