JCC Russia Regional Showcase: “Samara & Penza Economic Opportunities”

Monday, 10.09.2018 – Monday, 10.09.2018



"Doing Business in the Volga District: Penza and Samara"

A joint event of the Joint Chamber of Commerce (JCC) and Swiss Center Samara (SCS)


13:00 to 14:00 REGISTRATION

Welcome Statements (JCC & SCS)

Russian Macroeconomics (EY CIS)

Key indicators and economic situation

Industrial development: trends and forecasts

Russian Market Entry (SCS)

Cultural framework: differences in business practices between Russia and Switzerland

Key entry strategies: direct sales, distributorship, subsidiary, localization

Business setup in Russia (RBL)

Company registration: representation office versus subsidiary, legal implications

Risks and recommendations upon company registration in Russian regions

Swiss testimonial: business setup in Ekaterinburg (Blaser SwissLube)

Reasons and drivers to setup a subsidiary rather than working with distributors

Challenges in the realization, lessons learned and recommendations

16:00 to 16:30 COFFEE BREAK

Headhunting in Russia (CT Executive Search)

A quick overview at the Russian labour market in the industry

Hiring expats vs local managers, training and cross-cultural challenges

French testimonial: direct sales in Russian automotive (Groupe Clemessy)

Evolution of the Russian automotive industry, current challenges and opportunities

Direct sales in Russian B2B: Do’s and don’t’s

Portrait of the Penza Region (Ministry of Economy)

Economic structure, main industries and key features

Latest projects and development in targeted clusters

Russian testimonial: medical production in Penza Region (OOO Med-Inj)

Penza Medical Cluster: stakeholders, infrastructure and key competencies

Latest developments and international cooperation projects


Detailed information 

Location: Swissmem, Zurich