Mission to Kaluga

Tuesday, 03.03.2020 – Wednesday, 04.03.2020

Meeting of members of government and members of other authorities

The program includes a meeting with business friendly Governor Anatoly Artamonov of Kaluga Region, a meeting for Swiss companies with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the region, as well as visits to the industrial park Vorsino and to the pioneering Swiss Milk Farm in Gorbyonki. Also there will be a meeting with representatives of the local RANEPA University and a lecture.


Program draft

March 3

  • meeting and lunch with the Governor

  • meeting in the chamber of commerce

  • visit to the local Swiss farmers of «Swiss Milk» in Gorbyonki


March 4

  • visit to the production site of Remputmash (participation of the business delegation to be confirmed)

  • visit to the RANEPA university, lecture by the Ambassador

  • visit to the Industrial park Vorsino (Freight village)

Location: Kaluga, Russian Federation