Official holidays

The Embassy of Switzerland will be closed on the following official holidays in 2018:
1 January  Monday New Year's Day 
1 April Sunday Easter Sunday
2 April Monday Easter Monday 
10 May Thursday Ascension
20 May Sunday Whit Sunday
17 June Sunday Eid Al Fitr *
18 June Monday Eid Al Fitr *
1 August Wednesday Swiss National Day
21 August Tuesday Eid Al Adha / Hajj *
22 August Wednesday Eid Al Adha / Hajj *
23 August Thursday Eid Al Adha / Hajj *
23 September  Sunday  Saudi National Day 
24 December Monday Christmas Eve
25 December  Tuesday Christmas Day 
31 December  Monday New Year's Eve 

* Holidays depend on the sighting of the moon and will be adapted accordingly if necessary